Teacher Loses 100.000 Students Personal Information on USB

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News report of the loss of a USB drive containing personal information of over 100,000 adult education students. Misplaced by a Virginia Tech researcher, the drive contained names, birth dates and social security numbers of students who used literacy and adult education programs and those who earned a high school equivalency certificate. Although there has been no indication of the illegal use of the data, the loss of the USB drive has surely been alarming enough for the teacher, the students and the school.

Such instances reemphasize the need for protecting our data on USB drives through secure, centrally managed systems. Hence, the security, integrity and availability of stored data in a USB drive are ensured at all times, even if your USB drive is lost!

Additional Benefits of Secure Centrally Managed Encrypted USB Drives

Here are some ways central management of encrypted USB drives helps a case like the above:

  • Enforces security on the drive, password must match policy, password is always active. SafeConsoleReady Devices are always 100% hardware encrypted.
  • Administrators can copy, deactivate and terminate a device from any remote location.
  • Auditors get access to a full audit log that can verify what was on the device and that no breach has occurred.
  • The administrator can clone the lost device onto a new device. By simply streaming backup of the lost device over the network directly onto the users new device – there is not even a need for the admin and user to meet up to make this happen.

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Teacher Loses 100.000 Students Personal Information on USB

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