SafeStick Features Conficker Killer and Anti-malware

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Feature Spotlight Secure USB Drive

Prevent conficker autorun, malware infection, viruses and trojans from spreading over USB into your networks with SafeStick features Authorized Autorun and FileRestrictor.

Problem: Malware Infecting USB Drives

Conficker has highlighted the danger of standard removable USB sticks. Conficker implants a malicious autorun.inf on removable media as one modus operandum. Any software encryption or protection of the drive will go lost in the process as the Conficker infection lurks at the host and has the upper hand over the open USB flash drive. Given the unfortunate success for Conficker this is likely something that will be the target for copycat virus hackers and repeated over and over again.

Further more, standard devices with or without software encryption are not able to guarantee data integrity since the files can be tampered with, copied, replaced or infected with viruses without user misbehaviour, it only takes one infected host to load up a removable drive with viruses and trojans.

Solution: Onboard Anti-Malware


To prevent the spreading of autorun malware SafeStick always overwrites the autorun.inf files stored on the encrypted storage volume. This unique feature, Authorized Autorun, relieves the user in protecting the device from becoming a liability and prevents Conficker autorun, malware infection, viruses and trojans from spreading via USB into your networks.


By taking a white-list approach to preventing storage of unauthorized file-types the FileRestrictor relieves the users from protecting their device. FileRestrictor is configured in SafeConsole to put in place data storage policies such as banning certain file formats from being saved onto the devices and disabling installation of unauthorized applications. Rogue files can simply not reside on SafeStick managed by SafeConsole as it only allows storage of file-types specified by the administrator in the SafeConsole settings. The FileRestrictor complements the Authorized Autorun – the onboard autorun-protection that chokes self-copying viruses – by denying unauthorized autorun files from residing on the drive altogether. (Applications deployed using the SafeConsole feature Publisher is automatically white-listed.)

Onboard anti-malware on SafeStick Secure USB Drive

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