Password Policy Sure Beats a Padlock

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Back in May, the FCC released its top 10 cybersecurity tips for businesses. The list was informative and fairly spot-on – if not quite boiled down to its simplest form. When reduced to its most basic elements, the 545-word list could very well have been summed up in just two:

“Embrace policy.”

Every one of the 10 key tips offered by the FCC can be ensured with the implementation of appropriate corporate policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity. 2011 has already 6 months into the year been the year that by far has shown why cybersecurity and data security in general is important and you understand the need for secure USB drives that offer safety and speed in protecting your confidential data. However, it may be counterintuitive for a business to acknowledge these truths, and quickly follow them up with security procedures for a heightened security posture also for removable media.

That said, our tip to you for today (also fairly well summed up) is this:

“Embrace password policy!”

To understand the existing concerns and acknowledge the need for more secure USB drives, and then fail to incorporate an appropriate policy as a direct response – which would be, for the purpose of this post, to devise a specified corporate password policy – is most certainly a failure on some level… In fact, it is a major failure.

Is your corporate password policy strong enough?

Let’s consider the following analogy:

You own a sprawling property with a mansion full of valuables and heirlooms. You want to protect your possessions from the threat of the world outside, so you decide to build a tall wrought-iron fence around the expanse of the property. And then, on the final day of construction, with the sturdy fence in-place, and fully protective of the entire perimeter…you witness as the final remaining workers install what you have chosen to secure the entrance of the property: a weak aluminum gate secured only with a cheap padlock.

Well, everyone knows that a seasoned thief, with the right intent, can, if he/she so desires, knock off a padlock with a hammer. It is, in fact, bordering on irony to take appropriate care in protecting the perimeter, and then to leave the front gate exposed.

Think at length on this. Is your corporate password policy strong enough to protect your front gate?

SafeConsoleReady secure flash drives are designed to empower you to immediately protect any and all stored data with hardware encryption and enforce the use of a strong password, and the SafeConsole management software allows you to further incorporate the password management tools that are right for you.
But, the policy is ultimately up to you. Corporate policy regarding password strength may be a source of contrition for some, but the fact is that your data that is on the line.

Help the user to protect your data

Be reasonable, but implement a well-designed corporate password policy that can assist your employees in choosing strong passwords or pass-phrases and can ensure that passwords are suited to the target population. It is hardly a measureable cost to reset a forgotten password on a USB drive, something that may help the user to handle a stricter password policy.

Remember, you have the ability to reinforce your front gate by developing and enforcing a clear and concise password policy!

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